Granted a New Life

My son Zachary caught pneumonia. The pneumonia shut down his kidneys and he was admitted to hospital and had to have dialysis. They go this kidneys working again but I believe they let him out of the hospital before his pneumonia was totally gone. He was on medication. A couple of weeks later I am calling him at his house. I called him three times in a matter of about three hours. Every time I called him he seemed to be breathing worse and sounding worse. I told him on the last call that if

Demolished…But Just a Few Scratches

Several months ago, I gave my brother David a pocket Zohar to keep in his truck for protection. He drives long distances quite a bit. He thought the little blue book was crazy, but agreed to keep it in his truck. About a month ago, he and his friend Sandy were driving from Phoenix back home to Denver. It was a Saturday around 3:00 am in the north part of Arizona. A coyote jumped across the road in front of the truck causing them to slide off the road and flip over 4 times. The truck was

Meditating on Receiving What You Need

Recently I have been using the 72 names of God in my artwork. I have given them to friends for birthdays, etc. Just a few weeks ago I did a multi-media collage with the letters samech, aleph, lamed which is for Prosperity. I gave this small collage to my neighbor, a young newly divorced mother who is working hard to build her business and support her family. She was so happy and excited to receive this gift. I told her to keep this in her office where she makes her calls and meditate on

Different Consciousness

I’m a relatively new student to Kabbalah, and was at Shabbat Saturday to hear you share your miracles. I would like to share with you my experience that happened Sunday morning. I try every morning to scan Zohar and the Ana B’Koach and did on this day, I was up early to try to beat the crowds to get a Wii video game for my daughter. As I left I got to the intersection at the end of my street, and proceeded thru the stop sign and didn’t see a car approaching in the blind